Integral foam

Standing rest 9454
Integral foam

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Standing rest 9454 with flat base plate,
Seat height 650 - 850 mm,
360° revolving seat,
Seat can be tilted forwards by 10°,
Stable and ultra-flat disc base.

Perfect support for every day - long periods spent standing when working in the industrial sector can place considerable strain on the body. The industrial standing aids from Bimos relieve strain on the spine and adapt to almost any standing workstation and their requirements thanks to a wide choice of bases. The industrial standing aid is also available as an ESD-compliant option.

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Quality produced 
for the environment Tested safety DIN 68877 Warranty (10 year) ISO 9001-2008 ISO 14001-2009 OSHAS 18001 EMAS ecoVadis

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