Laboratory chairs

Hygienic, flexible, compact – in no other working environment will you find requirements as strict as those in the laboratory. Laboratory chairs from Bimos not only adapt to the postures typically found in this area, i.e. the forward-leaning position at the microscope, they also boast hygienic design and compact construction. They can also be flexibly adjusted without confusion. These are seating solutions that thus adapt perfectly to the special challenges faced by laboratory workers.



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 LABORATORY - Labster 9107
Labster 9107
 LABORATORY - Labster 9103
Labster 9103
 LABORATORY - Labster 9101
Labster 9101


Whether it is used as a laboratory chair or a stool - the Labster is a real expert when it comes to meeting high standards. With laboratory-compatible functions, a high level of comfort and impressive ergonomics, this product has really set the bar high. In order to guarantee optimum hygienic conditions, the laboratory chair boasts a seamless design and a washable soft-covering of the mechanics.

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 LABORATORY - ESD Labster 9107E
ESD Labster 9107E
 LABORATORY - ESD Labster 9103E
ESD Labster 9103E
 LABORATORY - ESD Labster 9101E
ESD Labster 9101E

ESD Labster

Practical down to the last detail: As even the smallest of contaminants can pose a risk to the quality of results in a laboratory, the laboratory chairs are also available in ESD-compliant designs. Users benefit from all the advantages of this great model, while the chair itself prevents the collection of dust and dirt particles.

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 LABORATORY - Neon 9560
Neon 9560
 LABORATORY - Neon 9563
Neon 9563
 LABORATORY - Neon 9561
Neon 9561


Excellent design quality meets superb ergonomics and special comfort - Neon represents the new generation of work chairs. No other production work chair has features that can compare. Thanks to its innovative 1+1 system, the upholstery can be changed with just one click. This means the Neon is flexible, sustainable and optically adaptable for the workplace.

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 LABORATORY - Labsit 9121
Labsit 9121
 LABORATORY - Labsit 9123
Labsit 9123
 LABORATORY - Labsit 9125
Labsit 9125


Simple yet intelligent - Labsit is the clever all-round solution for sitting in the most innovative environment there is: the laboratory. Boasting a hygienic design, compact dimensions, ergonomic construction and user comfort, the Labsit masters all the challenges faced by the modern laboratory chair. The same, of course, applies for the flexible laboratory stool from the same collection.

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 LABORATORY - ESD Labsit 9121E
ESD Labsit 9121E
 LABORATORY - ESD Labsit 9123E
ESD Labsit 9123E
 LABORATORY - ESD Labsit 9125E
ESD Labsit 9125E

ESD Labsit

Better safe than sorry - especially in the laboratory: Electrostatically charged people and objects attract the smallest of particles. This can lead to contamination in the laboratory and destroy investigative results. In order to prevent this, the ESD variants of the Labsit laboratory chair guarantee a reliable conduction. This clever all-rounder is therefore the perfect seating solution for any type of laboratory.

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 LABORATORY - Nexxit 9030
Nexxit 9030
 LABORATORY - Nexxit 9033
Nexxit 9033
 LABORATORY - Nexxit 9031
Nexxit 9031


Ergonomic support, practical handling and outstanding robustness - modern industry demands specific requirements of the quality of work chairs. With its unique industry ergonomics as well as simple, intuitive adjustment to the respective user, Nexxit automatically ensures the correct sitting posture. It impresses with high comfort and extreme resistance for use in industrial environments.

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 LABORATORY - Laboratory Basic 9130
Laboratory Basic 9130
 LABORATORY - Laboratory Basic 9133
Laboratory Basic 9133
 LABORATORY - Laboratory Basic 9131
Laboratory Basic 9131

Laboratory Basic

Good work on a solid basis - Labor Basic is the proven all-round solution for sitting in the laboratory. This economical laboratory chair is the entry-level model and its basic design includes all the features necessary for use in areas with simpler requirements. Its synthetic leather cover is easy to clean and has antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

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 LABORATORY - Stool 9463L
Stool 9463L
 LABORATORY - Stool 9461L
Stool 9461L
Stool 9F63L


The new stool system from Bimos is a comfortable and flexible solution for short periods of sitting. Its configuration options make the stool system a versatile seating solution for industrial applications, the service sector, ESD areas and healthcare settings, as well as laboratories and cleanrooms.

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Innovative, modern, fast-growing – the laboratory is really in a league of its own and there are good reasons as to why it is regarded as the future of the workplace. It is here that the task of furnishing is becoming ever more challenging. Bimos boasts an impressive portfolio of laboratory chairs, with ideal solutions for this exciting yet demanding working environment.


Cleanliness is the basic requirement for safe, high-quality work carried out in the laboratory. Whether from dust, dirt or invisible pollutants – contamination can influence, falsify and destroy investigative results. For this reason, the laboratory chairs from Bimos have their own hygienic design. Not only can they be washed, disinfected and withstand all commonly used cleaning agents, but they also have a seamless design. There are no cracks or gaps in which residue can gather. And when it comes to ergonomic quality and user comfort, the laboratory chairs from Bimos have set the bar high. With the fine motor skills, concentration and precision called for in this workplace, these specially developed laboratory chairs have their own ergonomic solution. They guarantee optimum support in any situation and for any posture; for example, the forward-leaning working position typically used by laboratory employees.


Adjusting the laboratory chairs from Bimos to suit personal requirements and working situation is self-explanatory. After all, maximum flexibility only makes sense when it is actually put into use. The compact and sturdy design of the laboratory chairs from Bimos saves on valuable space in the laboratory, while also reducing the risk of damage caused by heavy use and a regular change of users. These laboratory chairs look good too, and are a welcome feature in any working environment. As job applicants have come to place the value of a high-quality workplace over that of, for example, financial reward, laboratory chairs from Bimos can be seen as a real advantage in the highly competitive market for qualified personnel.

BIMOS offers a wide range of laboratory chairs for many different requirements: Depending on which protection level the laboratory belongs to, there are different characteristics that are crucial for laboratory chairs. In addition to these, it is particularly important that the employees regard the laboratory chairs as comfortable and perceive them as an enhancement. At some workplaces, stools without backrests are more helpful to move as agile as possible. At other places, employees appreciate laboratory chairs with rests that gently support the back. Regardless of the place of use and the comfort of the laboratory chair, the health of the employees should be considered. This can be achieved by purchasing an ergonomic laboratory chair.

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