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Around the cleanroom – important things to know about working in cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are particularly unique workspaces with special requirements for the furnishings and equipment, the employees who work there and the conduct of all who make use of them. Cleanrooms are necessary for manufacturing and packaging highly engineered or especially sensitive products, and constitute an ideal environment for any kind of research. We will examine the particular features of the cleanroom as a workplace in detail here.

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Continuous standing work – effects, tips and aids

Around half of all workers in Germany currently work while standing, across a variety of different industries. These include research firms and companies that manufacture products as well as the service sector. The impact of standing work of this kind leads to health problems, since the human body is not designed to stand in one position for long periods, but should instead be switching between sitting, standing and moving.

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The workshop chair – features of a workplace chair designed for the workshop environment

The workshop is home to countless tools, materials and procedures, including drilling, welding, hammering and screwdriving. The use of chemicals and liquids is just as prevalent as metals, wood and other materials. Accordingly, a workshop must be fitted out with robust furnishings and the robustness of other equipment consequently borne in mind too.

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An overview of the most important ESD standards and regulations

The abbreviation "ESD" stands for electrostatic discharge. ESD is no great issue in the majority of everyday work. In special manufacturing areas such as cleanrooms, however, even a minimal amount of discharge can completely destroy an electronic component.

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Arbeitsstühle in der Industrie

Industrial seating solutions - What makes the perfect chair?

Modern industrial workplaces are required in almost all sectors. Well-equipped workstations not only encourage an efficient approach to work, but also promote the health and wellbeing of the employees. What makes industrial workplaces so special is their variability; many activities are carried out standing up, others sitting down - a mix of the two is also possible. It has, however, since become clear that sitting for long periods on non-ergonomic industrial chairs quickly leads to damaged posture and lower productivity (see also BGIA Report 5/2008).

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