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Arbeitsstühle in der Industrie

Industrial seating solutions - What makes the perfect chair?

Modern industrial workplaces are required in almost all sectors. Well-equipped workstations not only encourage an efficient approach to work, but also promote the health and wellbeing of the employees. What makes industrial workplaces so special is their variability; many activities are carried out standing up, others sitting down - a mix of the two is also possible. It has, however, since become clear that sitting for long periods on non-ergonomic industrial chairs quickly leads to damaged posture and lower productivity (see also BGIA Report 5/2008).

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How can I efficiently plan a clean room?

A clean room is a room in which the concentration of air-borne particles or germs must be kept to a minimum. The clean room must be designed in such a way that the number of particles that could possibly enter the room or emerge there is also kept as low as possible. For this reason, constantly stable temperature, air humidity and pressure conditions prevail.

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The consequences of permanent standing

In retail, at the conveyor belt, in gastronomy or at the hairdressing salon, more than half of all employees in Germany spend several hours a day standing when at work. The human body may be capable of spending several hours standing, however it was not designed for this strain, instead for a mixture of lying down, sitting, standing, walking and all the positions that come between. Spending extended periods of time in one position is unnatural for the human body and causes uneven strain, which can then cause health problems.

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Product properties for the ESD workplace

ESD or "Electro Static Discharge" is the electrostatic discharge of charged objects or persons. ESD protection involves the protection of extremely sensitive components (e.g. microelectronic components). And this during their production, further processing and delivery. Electrostatic discharges can cause serious damage in electronic components. To explain this more clearly: the energy created by static discharge in a semiconductor can be compared to lighting striking a tree.

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Expertise, design and functionality

Bimos at Orgatec 2016

As a specialist for industrial and laboratory chairs, Bimos was the centre of attention at the office furniture trade fair, impressing visitors with its technical expertise in production, laboratory, ESD, clean room and standing work

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