Any work chair used in production has special requirements to meet. Work chairs at production workstations not only need to combine maximum freedom of movement with optimum ergonomics, but primarily demonstrate extreme resilience. Only then are they able to withstand the heaviest of external influences. With their anatomical shape, flexible upholstery and resilient materials, the work chairs from Bimos are the perfect seating solutions for production.



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 PRODUCTION - Neon 9570
Neon 9570
 PRODUCTION - Neon 9573
Neon 9573
 PRODUCTION - Neon 9571
Neon 9571


Excellent design quality meets superb ergonomics and special comfort - Neon represents the new generation of work chairs. No other production work chair has features that can compare. Thanks to its innovative 1+1 system, the upholstery can be changed with just one click. This means the Neon is flexible, sustainable and optically adaptable for the workplace.

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 PRODUCTION - Nexxit 9030
Nexxit 9030
 PRODUCTION - Nexxit 9033
Nexxit 9033
 PRODUCTION - Nexxit 9031
Nexxit 9031


Ergonomic support, practical handling and outstanding robustness - modern industry demands specific requirements of the quality of work chairs. With its unique industry ergonomics as well as simple, intuitive adjustment to the respective user, Nexxit automatically ensures the correct sitting posture. It impresses with high comfort and extreme resistance for use in industrial environments.

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 PRODUCTION - Sintec 9800
Sintec 9800
 PRODUCTION - Sintec 9803
Sintec 9803
 PRODUCTION - Sintec 9801
Sintec 9801


Proven quality for custom seating: The Sintec work chair is user-friendly through and through, guaranteeing flexible seating solutions at any production workplace. This chair boasts a wide variety of mechanisms and is fitted with seat and back shells made from sturdy plastic as standard. The comfortable replaceable upholstery is available in a selection of finishes and colours.

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 PRODUCTION - Isitec 9603
Isitec 9603
 PRODUCTION - Isitec 9608
Isitec 9608
 PRODUCTION - Isitec 9613
Isitec 9613


Tough performer: Whether it is abrasive dust, oil or swarf - Isitec demonstrates the capability of a good production work chair. The soft-touch integral foam (PU) is extremely hard-wearing, washable and resistant to disinfectant. Furthermore, Isitec has a particularly soft and comfortable seat. All adjustment features of the chair are quick and easy to operate when sitting by using a lever.

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 PRODUCTION - All-In-One 9640
All-In-One 9640
 PRODUCTION - All-In-One 9643
All-In-One 9643
 PRODUCTION - All-In-One 9641
All-In-One 9641


A real all-rounder - the All-In-One is closing the gap between office and work chairs. All the ergonomic properties expected of an office chair can be found in the Highline and Trend design lines. Its unique all-inclusive ergonomic concept ensures that the All-In-One suits every single person and every single workplace situation. As a work chair for industrial sectors, healthcare, research and development, it boasts a sturdy construction and hard-wearing, resistant materials.

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 PRODUCTION - Unitec 9650
Unitec 9650
 PRODUCTION - Unitec 9653
Unitec 9653
 PRODUCTION - Unitec 9651
Unitec 9651


Low price, high performance. The Unitec work chair is the low-cost entry-level model for correct sitting in production environments. Its permanent contact backrest, a standard feature, provides staff with support when working in a seated position. The generous seating surfaces and backrests also ensure additional stabiliuty. With its selection of various covers, Unitec optically adapts to almost any working environment. This makes it a simple work chair for practically any application.

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 PRODUCTION - Stool 9460
Stool 9460
 PRODUCTION - Stool 9463
Stool 9463
 PRODUCTION - Stool 9461
Stool 9461


The new stool system from Bimos is a comfortable and flexible solution for short periods of sitting. Its configuration options make the stool system a versatile seating solution for industrial applications, the service sector, ESD areas and healthcare settings, as well as laboratories and cleanrooms.

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 PRODUCTION - Accessories 9450
Accessories 9450
 PRODUCTION - Accessories 9455
Accessories 9455


Down-to-earth support: The footrest provides the correct leg support when at an elevated sitting position on the work chair or stool. It reliably ensures the optimum angle is achieved between thigh and upper body. It is easily adjusted to meet individual requirements using an infinitely variable height and tilt setting. The footrest thus guarantees good circulation in the legs at all times - regardless of the working environment or the chair being used.

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Whether it's the automotive sector, mechanical engineering or the textile industry – the choice of work chairs you make largely depends on where they will be used and the prevailing conditions. Manufacturing industries are extremely varied in the fields they specialize in. Consequently, the requirements that have to be met when furnishing these respective workplaces are extremely specific.

Adaptable and ergonomic – workplace chairs from Bimos

Unlike office equipment, work chairs for industrial use are often exposed to extreme environmental influences. The chairs from Bimos have been made using hard-wearing, easy-to-clean materials and surfaces, designed to withstand oil, grease, flying chips and sparks, lint and dust. The various production work processes also pose significant challenges for the chairs. The work carried out is generally complex, involving either great force or extremely fine motor skills. The work chairs also need to allow for a generous freedom of movement. Bimos meets these requirements with specially developed solutions involving profiled seats and tapered backrests. In order to guarantee optimal ergonomic conditions, the work chairs from Bimos have permanent-contact backrests and an adjustable seat inclination for forward-leaning positions, something often called for at industrial workplaces. The production work chairs from Bimos are extremely flexible when it comes to adjusting seat height and can also be fitted with climbing aids and footrests if necessary, thus guaranteeing perfect conditions even at elevated working positions.


Manufacturing often involves shift work where the individual workstations are manned by different people, thus calling for work chairs made from sturdy materials and with adjustment functions that are easy to understand and quick to implement. There are also options available with replaceable upholstery. This guarantees maximum flexibility, sustainability and adaptability. The combination of sturdiness, ergonomics, simple use and safety make the work chairs from Bimos the perfect seating solution for use in production. In order to not only meet current requirements, but also to deliver products that set new standards, Bimos works closely with occupational physicians and other experts from the field when developing its work chairs.

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