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On the path to success with a design expert

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Laboratory chair design requirements

What constitutes successful design? It 's question that is hotly debated. Tastes and individual preferences are just too different when it comes to appealing design. However, the fact that a superbly designed workplace brings many benefits is undisputed. A good example here is the laboratory chair.

A modern lab needs a modern design

The laboratory is the working environment of the future. Nowhere else will you find more innovation; it is probably even the most innovative place in the world. In a working world undergoing rapid transformation, it is not only communication and technology that are changing, but the need to look good and impress the outside world. What has been playing an increasingly greater role in companies, organisations and public institutions in other sectors has long been true for laboratories as well, and that is the focus on modernity. Laboratory operators are presenting themselves as high-tech companies, and openly demonstrating where and how their innovative ideas come about. The laboratory is thus becoming more open and transparent and its representative function and integration in general corporate design are gaining credence. This means that the standards for laboratory equipment are going up and consequently the standards for laboratory chairs and stools too.

Laboratory chair design works to the advantage of the employer

Appealing design in the laboratory is always a statement. In addition to looking good, it also has a positive effect on the employer brand. Studies, for example like the one carried out on behalf of StepStone, show that applicants are now paying more attention to a good working environment than to financial incentives. This is not surprising, considering employees today generally spend almost as much time at work as they do at home. A superbly designed laboratory chair contributes to a modern and appealing workplace, and thus becomes a real bonus in what is known as the "war for talent" on the job market. This is because people have no stronger association with their workplace than with the chair on which they sit. An advantage in both recruitment and retention of qualified personnel, a high quality and well-designed chair will ensure employees are happy and motivated working in their laboratory.

More than a question of looking good - what constitutes successful design in the laboratory?

Beauty is lies the eye of the beholder. As difficult as it may be to objectively assess successful design, the requirements such a high design standard must meet are easily defined. Because successful design needs to do more than just please. It needs to fulfil the required function. Laboratory chairs, for example, are subject to special hygienic standards. Simple and effective cleaning requires the most closed form possible - no cracks or joints in which dirt can collect unnoticed. The materials used also need to be easily cleaned. The laboratory chairs from Bimos boast their own hygienic design concept. A seamless design ensures the highest of hygienic standards, as does resistance against all standard cleaning agents and disinfectants. Bimos combines these factors, together with other special qualities for comprehensive laboratory use, with the highest standard of aesthetics.

Would you like to incorporate a more appealing design into your laboratory? Find out more about the laboratory solutions from Bimos here.



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